What is Neuro- Rehabilitation?
Neuro- Rehabilitation is an intensive individualised programme designed to address neurological difficulties following brain or spinal cord injuries. It aims to maximise participation in activities of daily living and minimise difficulties your child may be having as a result of their injury. The team aims to help infants and children reach their potential in all areas of development by providing a multi-disciplinary team approach to assist with physical, cognitive, behavioural, and social difficulties.
At Therapy Tree our Neuro-Rehabilitation programme involves multi-disciplinary team input. Following your child’s initial team assessment, a personalised goal focused therapy plan will be developed to best meet your child and family’s needs. 
Who we are:
The Therapy Tree team are an experienced multi-disciplinary team comprising Neuropsychology, OT, Physiotherapy & SLT who have a background in Neuro-Rehabilitation. We have extensive expertise working with infants and children with acquired brain and spinal cord injuries. 
Who can refer? 
Parents are welcome to self-refer to this programme. With your permission we will request background information (e.g. child’s medical and therapy reports) as part of the initial consultation or assessment process. We also take referrals from General Practitioners, Consultants and other healthcare professionals.
If you are interested in this programme, please contact us directly to discuss if this would be beneficial to your child.
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