What others say about us

My daughter is 14 and has spastic quadriplegia cerebral palsy. Physio is necessary every day to maintain her range of motion, good alignment and avoid getting too tight.

It is extremely important that any therapist knows my child well. Judith does 3 sessions per week and can immediately identify any changes or areas of tightness that need to be addressed. She makes sure all priority areas are treated. This is not something I can always recognize myself. Nor can a service that would only occasionally treat her.

Judith understands the importance of maintaining good spine alignment for my daughter and always uses both passive and functional techniques to achieve that. She brings a wealth of experience from many disciplines especially NDT/Bobath which is so necessary for my daughter.

It is very reassuring for me to have someone who can regularly see my daughter and who has the skills necessary to meet her needs. Judith brings energy to every session which is hard for me to do all the time.

We feel very lucky to have Judith. Having a good therapist is our number one priority for our very complex daughter. I firmly believe that my daughter is proof of the benefits of physio. Thankfully she has never required any surgery.
Thank you Judith!

Amy brought so much positivity and hope where we could not see any. We cannot recommend Amy enough. Amy has become like family to us. Her patience, kindness, expert knowledge and amazing support throughout this time is so valued and important to us. Amy is helping Izzy in life changing goals in leading  happy, safe and independent life. Izzy Looks forward to therapy sessions. At a time when you need help and guidance from the very best, Amy is there.

Having a child with a speech and language issue can be very stressful and lonely. Like any mother you want for your child to fit in,to be the same as those around them. Your heart breaks when you have to explain what your child wants as only you can understand their needs. You want the very best for your child and so finding the right person to help your child is very important. It’s not as simple as just going to any speech and language therapist as your child needs to feel comfortable with the person who is helping them.
Clare Salley has proved to be the one who has helped and continues to help my son Rory. Rory is a very shy and nervous little boy. This hasn’t hindered Clare’s incredible ability to help Rory. She has a natural gift for finding ways to make her clients trust and engage with her.
When Rory first started therapy with Clare his attention span was very short and he was very conscious about even trying to communicate orally. As each session with Clare has passed Rory has become more and more confident. He now aims to impress Clare and loves it when he gains her praise.
It’s absolutely heart warming to see your son start to try to speak.
Clare always explains her goals for Rory’s progress and then also explains why and how she aims to achieve these goals with Rory. I feel very much a part of the process and I know that this is important to Clare.
I couldn’t recommend Clare highly enough. She has certainly made my boys life a happier one and mine too as I just love to see my little man gain in confidence and smile with pleasure when he says new words or sounds. Thank you so much Clare Salley.

Clare Salley has worked with us in helping our premature baby with both feeding and language development. Born at 25 weeks gestation, our daughter had significant feeding issues and also had a speech babble delay. With Clare’s early intervention and help, we managed to overcome these hurdles and at one corrected we now have a happy & chatty eater! I could not recommend Clare highly enough and have no doubt that, without Speech and Language therapy, our baby would be in a very different place, both from a feeding and language development perspective.