Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy Services we provide

  • Speech and Language Therapy Assessment
  • Speech and Language Therapy Treatment
  • Feeding and Swallowing Assessment and Treatment Plans
  • School and Preschool visits

Speech and Language Presentations we see

  • Late talkers
  • Delayed receptive or expressive language
  • Specific Language Impairment
  • Speech sound delay/ disorder
  • Verbal dyspraxia
  • Communication impairment resulting from brain injury (childhood aphasia/dysarthria/dyspraxia)

Speech and Language Assessment

Assessments are always carried out in a child friendly manner and incorporate play. Speech and language therapy assessment will include observation, obtaining a case history from parents/carers, formal standardised assessment as well as informal assessment.

Speech and Language Treatment

Following your child’s assessment, we will devise specific measurable goals together. Therapy is customised for each child and a schedule of therapy will be agreed upon together. Usually therapy sessions last for one hour. All therapy is ‘child and parent focused’, this ensures that you fully understand why each activity is completed in the therapy process.

Feeding Assessment

What to expect during a feeding assessment:

  • A full developmental, medical and feeding history will be obtained
  • A full oral motor and sensory examination will be conducted (this will vary depending on your child’s age)
  • A swallowing evaluation- a swallowing evaluation examines the safety of your child’s swallow and assesses if swallowing difficulties are contributing to the feeding problem
  • Mealtime observation

Following the feeding assessment a feeding plan will be devised in order to address your child’s difficulties. If it is necessary to have an objective assessment such as a videofluoroscopy swallow study you will be advised of this.